A Fabulous Finale…

Posted on Aug 21, 2017

A Fabulous Finale…

And that’s a wrap! We’re home from the 2017 Waterloo Finale, and just like that another season is in the books!

Ingrid and No One Better had another fabulous show, earning the Training Level Adult Amateur Reserve Championship with scores to 71+%, before also taking home the Training Level Adult Amateur Waterloo Series Champion neck sash!

Kelli and Daughtry FS, in their first show of the year, won the First Level Adult Amateur Championship with multiple scores over 70%!

Addison and Flying Dutchman started off the show by earning their final qualifying score at training level, and finished it by winning the Waterloo Series Champion neck sash for Training Level Junior/Young Rider!

Amy and Cheri Lynn Rose CEH brough home five blue ribbons as they continue to improve at training level, and were also awarded the Waterloo Series Reserve Champion neck sash at Introductory!

Jessica and Anastasia of KHA won five classes with scores to 69+%, on their way to also winning the Waterloo Series National Dressage Pony Cup Championship for Adult Amateur (All Levels)!

Juliyana’s Donnerstolz unfortunately couldn’t attend this show as he already shipped out of state for the school year, but the pair still won the Waterloo Series Third Level Junior/Young Rider Champion neck sash! And while visiting to cheer on her teammates, Juliyana caught a ride on Anastasia for yet one more blue ribbon!

It’s hard to believe another season has concluded already….now on to Regionals!

Thank you Sandy for a fabulous season!