Amazing Weekend – Amazing People

Posted on Jul 19, 2017

Amazing Weekend – Amazing People

An amazing weekend with amazing people and horses – Southview Farm had a fabulous Dressage at Waterloo July show! Our group of six riders, which included many new partnerships and new levels, came together for some huge successes under excellent but tough judging.

Suzanne, in her first show with her new horse, Diamond Gold, started the weekend with some challenges, only to rally for a win on a 69%! They ultimately had several great rides throughout the show, and we can’t wait to see this partnership develop.

Addison, also in a debut show with her very new horse, Flying Dutchman, won five out of six classes with scores to 67%, and the pair also won the Training Level Jr/YR Champion ribbon!

Amy, beginning the weekend apprehensive about jumping up a level with her mare, Cheri Lynn Rose CEH, found a new level of confidence and brought home three blue ribbons and scores to 65%!

Jessica and her pony, Anastasia of KHA, had their best show to date, earning four blues and also scoring to 65%!

Lisa, in just the second show with her new gelding, Leonardo B, continued on their successful streak from June, showing excellent consistency with scores to 67%, including one win and earning the Training Level Adult Amateur Reserve Championship!

Juliyana and her gelding, Donnerstolz, a team still new to third level, had several great rides, earned qualifying scores, and brought home two blue ribbons and the Third Level Jr/YR Champion tri-color! They also had a lovely final performance of their second level freestyle for a 67.5%!

In total, Sandy coached 35 rides for 32 ribbons, 16 wins, and 3 champions!

Many thanks too to Michelle Groe for the fabulous photos.