Lilo Fore Clinic

Posted on Dec 15, 2014

Lilo Fore Clinic

Our clinic with Lilo Fore this past weekend was a great success. What a wonderful teacher she is, excited to help each horse and rider improve. She is fun. She is insistent. She will push you to your limits, make you like it and we all asked for more! Many thanks to Lilo!

I also want to thank again our sponsors, Ingrid Baranski, Lisa Howle, Will Davis, Dr Don Ryker and Accurate Tax and Accounting. Your generosity is much appreciated.

A special thank you to our Southview Farm family. Without our volunteers, Peggy O’Keeffe, Linda Berry and Linda Hailey things would definitely run less smoothly. Thank you to my barn manager Megan Berry for all her hard work, both in the barn and with Doc Holiday. And thanks to my husband Francis, without his help none of this would happen.

Keep watching our page for upcoming events in 2015.