Waterloo Summer Finale!

Posted on Aug 29, 2016

Waterloo Summer Finale!

What a busy, fun, and hugely successful weekend for Southview Farm at the Dressage at Waterloo Summer Finale!

Sandra Tull and Doc Holiday FS won two out of their three Second Level tests, and also debuted their inspirational Freestyle to a score of 71.500%!
Juliyana Straley and Donnerstolz won several of their Third Level tests with scores in the mid sixties and debuted a Second Level Freestyle with a 70.667%. They also won Third Level Junior/Young Rider Champion.

After only a handful of rides together before the show, Kelli Diener and Sandy’s Daughtry FS received multiple top placings and scores in seventies at First Level, and also won First Level Adult Amateur Champion.

Linda Hailey and Symbolic had great show and came out with an all time high score of a 66% and their first ever blue ribbon in First Level Test 3! She is extremely excited to debut her First Level Freestyle in September. So proud of this awesome team!

Bonni Hazen had a busy and successful show with three horses, bringing home excellent placings with all of them. Barbara Chapman’s Magellan received multiple scores in the upper sixties at First Level and scores into the seventies at Training Level, and they won First Level Open Reserve Champion. Bonni and Barb’s Meara Beval won several classes scored into the mid-sixties at Second Level, and also won Second Level Open Champion. And on her own Meadowlarks Trust, Bonni received more blue ribbons with scores into the upper sixties at Training Level, also winning Training Level Open Champion.

Jessica Hanney and Anastasia of KHA earned multiple scores in the sixties and their best score ever, brought home many blues, and also placed third in the competitive National Dressage Pony Cup Test of Choice class.

We can’t wait to wrap up another wonderful season with Horse Show Office in just two weeks! Thank you Family Farm and Home for your generous sponsorship!!

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